Ethiopia, known as the birthplace of the coffee plant Coffea Arabica, has a rich coffee culture. The country has a
unique coffee-drinking ritual called “buna,” and coffee holds great significance in Ethiopian culture. Approximately half
of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is exported, with Ethiopian coffee beans being renowned for their high quality and
distinct flavour profile. As the fifth-largest coffee producer globally, Ethiopia accounts for 4.2% of global coffee
production. The Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia is particularly notable for its coffee, characterized by sweet and fruity
flavours and delightful aromas. Ethiopia has a long history of coffee production and is home to numerous heirloom
coffee varieties. According to legend, coffee beans were discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi in Ethiopia. Coffee
production is a vital part of Ethiopia’s economy, involving over 12 million people. In addition, Starbucks introduced a
coffee blend called “Ethiopia” that features a medium-bodied profile with hints of dark chocolate and peppery spice

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